Monday, April 8, 2013

Wesley Snipes – Guilty of Celebrity Tax Fraud To Be Released From Prison

No, It’s Not Fair – But It is What It Is

Being a celebrity brings with it fame and riches, because that’s what this nation does for celebrities.  But law enforcement is on the lookout for these people, particularly in white collar crime.  Convicting and imprisoning a celebrity gets a lot of publicity, which law enforcement folks really, really like.

So actor Wesley Snipes went to jail on a conviction of cheating on his taxes.  Had Mr. Snipes been Joe Snipes, he would have been yelled at, made to pay a big fine and would have had to promise never to do it again.  But the government saw a nice public target, so Mr. Snipes went off to federal prison.  He is  to be released,

TMZ reports that Wesley Snipes was released from prison on Tuesday after serving two years and four months of his three-year sentence on three counts of willful failure to file tax returns under § 7203. He is is subject to home confinement until July 19.

and the lesson here is a message to all celebs.  Yes, we are watching you.  That is not always a good thing.

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