Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Insults and Condescension and Insensitive Comments of Mitt Romney Not Reported Anywhere Else

News that Didn’t Happen but Could Have

After traveling to Britain and insulting the British and forgetting the name of Labour Party Leader Ed Miliband, Mitt Romney continued his foreign tour of destruction by going to Israel and exacerbating tensions by insulting the Palestinian people and demonstrating that no, he doesn't know numbers.

Speaking to roughly four dozen donors at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem, Mr. Romney suggested that cultural differences between the Israelis and the Palestinians were the reason the Israelis were so much more economically successful than the Palestinians. He also vastly understated the income disparities between the two groups.

Yep, just what the Jewish people need, someone to speak garbage to make life even more difficult for us.

But in the spirit of Mr. Romney’s “Get Acquainted with American Arrogance” tour The Dismal Political Economist has unearthed these comments which were unreported in the media, since they didn’t want to print what Mr. Romney was actually saying and be accused of bias.

Mr. Romney on his affinity with Jews:

Look, I love making money and who knows more about making money than Jews.  I mean are they great at it or  what!  I just wish we had been able to hire Jews at Bain Capital when I was there.

Mr. Romney on his visit to Poland:

Stop me if you heard this, Did you hear the one about the two Polish guys trying to screw in a light bulb – no really, please stop me, I can’t help myself.

Mr. Romney on using illegal Mexican immigrants for his yard work:

I figured if they can swim the Rio Grande they certainly know how to clean the pool; so what if they get wet, they are called wetbacks aren’t they?

Mr. Romney on problems with the Italian economy:

I would just tell them, hey, Mario, quit sitting around, Rome wasn’t built in a day, but then you guys should know that right. Ha Ha, that's a joke, right.

Mr. Romney on Asian immigration to the U. S.:

Of course we need more Asian immigrants, last week I saw three Chinese restaurants with help wanted signs, and just yesterday Ann and I had to wait 30 minutes for our takeout because they place wasn’t staffed enough.

Mr. Romney on American Exceptionalism:

Despite efforts to oppress them America is still the land of opportunity for white males, and if those minorities and women would just try to be white males they too would be successful.

As we said, reporting you won’t get anywhere else.

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