Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Bitter Side Effect of Fox News Parent (News Corp.) and Its Ugly Role in Hacking Phones and Inappropriate Contact with British Government Officials.

Why Should the U. S. Have to Suffer From What News Corp. Did in Britain?

For years now there has been a series on on-going scandals involving the News Corp, which is the Rupert Murdoch controlled international media empire including the Wall Street Journal and Fox News.  The company was involved in hacking the cell phones of prominent British citizens and newsworthy individuals, including the phone of a teenage murder victim.  This vile behavior has caused the News Corp. to pay millions in damages.

A second scandal involved the News Corp.’s bid to acquire all of a British satellite TV company, BSkyB.  This bid involved inappropriate contact between the News Corp. and British elected officials, and included the Prime Minister handing over the decision of whether or not to allow the acquisition to a minister who had already expressed support for the Murdoch Group and who was in constant contact with them.

But Britain and the British public has finally turned on the Murdoch companies, as well they should have.  As a result Mr. Murdoch is displeased.

Rupert Murdoch vowed not to make a new bid for BSkyB after the division of News Corporation yesterday, saying he would focus his media empire on the US because "the English" had made him unwilling to invest any further in the UK.

The News Corporation chairman's anti-English outburst came in an American television interview after the company confirmed it would split its newspaper businesses, which include The Sun and The Times.

Okay, this is typical Conservative whining, playing the victim card, somehow saying that even though his company did all sorts of wrongdoing, they are really the victims here.  The problem, though is this.

"No, I think we've moved on in our own thinking on that," Mr Murdoch replied, when asked if the split made it possible to revive the £7.8bn bid to take full control of BSkyB. "There are billions and billions of dollars. If Britain didn't want them, we've got good places to put them here. I am a lot more bullish on the US than on the UK. I would be a lot more reluctant to invest in new things in Britain today than I would be here."

Yes, thanks to the fact that Britain will no longer tolerate egregious wrong doing by Murdoch companies he is now going to invest more in the United States.  We don't deserve that.   But maybe there is hope, maybe this message will get through to Mr. Murdoch

Hey Rupert, we here in the United States do not want your ethically challenged operations any more than the British do.  Really, we don’t.  Go take your investment to someplace more appropriate, any corrupt dictatorship will do.

Here’s hoping someone at News Corp. is paying attention.

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