Monday, July 16, 2012

Mitt Romney Furious That Democrats Won’t Accept His Irreconcilable Positions on His Role at Bain Capital – “Don’t They Know That Taking Opposite Positions on Every Issue is What I Do” Fumes Mitt

News That Didn’t Happen, But Could Have

The current furor (as opposed to a different furor last week and a  different furor next week) is over Mitt Romney's role at private equity firm Bain Capital.  Mr. Romney started Bain Capital and ran it for many years.  But then according to Mitt he stepped down from that role in 1999 in order to rescue (with Federal money) the Winter Olympics.

The only problem with this story is that Bain Capital apparently made numerous regulator filings between 1999 and 2002 in which they declared that Mr. Romney was the head of Bain Capital, the man in charge, the chief honcho, the big kahuna , the person to see, the keeper of the flame, the holder of the reins, the ‘Decider’.

So in order to clear things up, the Romney campaign has issued the following statement.

By now everyone recognizes that Mitt Romney built his reputation, built his success and built his fortune on the foundation that he, and he alone, would allowed to take every position on an issue.  This is Mr. Romney’s thing, it is what he is known for, it is what he does.

But unprincipled Democrats are now attacking Mr. Romney for saying that he was not involved with Bain Capital after 1999 and for saying he was the CEO after 1999.  Despite the large number of efforts and examples to convince his critics that Mr. Romney is allowed to say anything he wants in order to be President, these Democrats refuse to accept the evidence that is right in front of them.  By continually harping on the inconsistencies of Mr. Romney they simply expose their lack of understanding of his core value, namely that his core value is that he has no core value. 

We call on all Americans to denounce this attack on Mr. Romney’s character.  And we want to state in no uncertain terms that Mr. Romney will continue to issue inconsistent and conflicting statements, and that he will not be dissuaded from doing so by calls for him to take a consistent opinion. 

Yep, that ought to fix things alright.

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  1. Thank you for being apparently the only writer to see a problem here. The conventional wisdom is that Bain and Romney should be excused for filing false disclosures with the SEC because it was mere sloppiness and not a deliberate effort to deceive. Of course, "sloppiness" does not explain Bain repeating the mistake for years, or excuse Romney's failure to clear things up.

    In fact, the media seems to be putting on a full-court press in support of Romney.