Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard Cites an Amazing Romney Statistic

One We Would Not Believe If it Didn’t Come From an Impeachable Source Like Mr. Kristol.

Conservatives are worried about Mr. Romney (Isn't everyone, even his supporters?).  So far the Republican campaign to paint Mr. Obama as responsible for the current economic slowdown and low job creation figures is not working as well as one would think.  Polls show Mr. Obama maintaining a slight lead, and people like Mr. Kristol, a leader in the Conservative movement don’t understand this and are worried.

“President Obama had three disappointing months, but he's holding his own. And if I were in the Romney campaign, that would worry me,” Kristol said on “Fox News Sunday.”

And Mr. Kristol has data to back up his concerns. Data that is both amazing and startling and totally unexpected.

Kristol cited numbers from a recent Fox News poll, which showed that just 41 percent of voters think the president has a clear plan for improving the economy.

“Not great for an incumbent president -- the economy is slow and you’re only at 41-53,” he said. But the numbers were even worse for Romney, Kristol pointed out.

“Do you think his challenger, Gov. Romney, has a clear plan for improving the economy or not? Yes 27, no 55. 

But what is really news here is that 27% of the American voters think Mr. Romney has a clear plan for improving the economy!  Since Mr. Romney does not actually have such a plan for improving the economy, since his only campaign theme on the subject is that he is not Mr. Obama, and since he is apparently incapable of even devising a plan the fact that 27% of the public thinks he has a plan is just sheer astonishing.

If 27% think Mr. Romney has a plan, then if he ever does develop a credible plan for improving the economy, or even an in-credible plan his poll numbers would certainly shoot up.  Fortunately for the Obama campaign the idea that Mr. Romney could develop such a plan is so unlikely, so far-fetched and so beyond the realm of possibilities that they still have a chance to win the election.

But Democrats should be concerned.  With the hundreds of millions to spend on the campaign and his own fortune maybe Mr. Romney can buy a credible plan.  Yep, people that can develop economic plans do, rich people that can’t, they teach buy one

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