Thursday, August 18, 2011

Wisconsin Recall Saga is Over – Dems Now in Post Election Excuse Making Mode

Note to Dems:  You Cannot Fix the Problem Until You Recognize the Problem

After Wisconsin Republicans took control of the state government they passed a series of measures that cut the budgets and implemented some long held Conservative policies like voter ID. requirements to discourage Democratic voters.  They also destroyed the effectiveness of Wisconsin public employee unions, and this brought a reaction among Democrats.

Wisconsin State Sen. Bob Wirch (right) celebrates win
by Arm Wrestling Fellow State Senator

As a result, Wisconsin has now enjoyed nine recall elections of State Senators.  The final races ended Tuesday, and the results were a failure for Democrats to take control of the State Senate.  Democrats won their three recall races, and won two of six Republican recall races, leaving Republicans in control of the by a 17 to 16 margin.  The Republican agenda still stands.

Republicans this year have already achieved many of the top goals that they have pursued for years. In addition to the collective bargaining changes, they approved significant cuts in state aid to schools and local governments; some tax cuts; the carrying of concealed weapons; requiring photo ID at the polls starting next year; and eliminating all taxpayer funding for political campaigns

Democrats now need to face facts.  Their organization and electoral resources at the state levels are in disarray.  They are not even competing in major races in many southern states, and traditional Democratic states like Wisconsin, and Minnesota, Ohio, New Jersey and Pennsylvania are under the control of Conservatives.  They are doing something wrong.  But here is the take from Wisconsin

Mike Tate, state Democratic Party chairman, said: "At the end of this historic recall effort, Democrats have the momentum. No Democrat was defeated for standing up for our principles and standing up against the runaway, reckless agenda of Scott Walker

So rather than confront the weaknesses, party officials are much more likely to find excuses. To help them out here are some they can use to explain their failure in Wisconsin.

“the recall elections were on Tuesdays.  Who would have expected that?  Democrats don’t do well on Tuesday elections, any other day and we would have creamed them.”

“The Republicans fought back and got lots of out of state money.  If they hadn’t done that we would have won handily.”

Confused Wisconsin voters
voted for Mr. Buchanana

“Our elderly voters got confused and voted for Pat Buchanan.”

“All the recall elections took place in the summer, Democrats do better in winter elections”.

“the Republicans said some mean things about our candidates”.

“Republican candidates had nicer hair than our candidates.  We lost big with voters who chose candidates based on hair.”

“On a seasonally adjusted basis, we won”

Ok Democrats, feel free to use any of these, hope this helps. 

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