Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mr. Obama Gets Some Good Polling News

No Thanks to Mr. Obama

President Obama’s poll ratings are and should be expected to be dismal.  In the last month he has engaged in a disastrous debt ceiling/deficit reduction  battle with the Republicans in Congress, the 2nd quarter GDP growth numbers were very low, unemployment has risen, inflation looks like it is moving up, the stock market is in an uncontrolled series of ups and downs, and his approval in terms of handling the economy, the key issue in politics these days is below 30%. 

Yet when matched up against leading Republican candidates (and Ron Paul) the President runs about even. 

How can this be? 

President Barack Obama vs. Potential Republican Candidates, August 2011

 Under any normal circumstances pundits would be calling the 2012 race over and the Republicans candidates would be thinking about who is going to be the next Secretary of State.

The answer is that these are not normal conditions, at least not for the Republican party.  The slate of potential Republican nominees is so lacking in quality, is so lacking in inspiration, is so lacking in perceived competence that the best they can do at this, the lowest point so far of the Obama Presidency is to tie the President.  Given the closeness of the vote totals for all of the Republican candidates, one must conclude their support is not for them alone but in reaction against Mr. Obama.

Sorry Republicans, but right now no one really likes you, voter just indicate support so show displeasure with the President.

If Jon Huntsman, with his relatively moderate positions (for a Republican), his foreign policy experience as Ambassador to China and his administrative experience as Governor of Utah was better known and the potential nominee for the Republicans he would be leading Mr. Obama by 20 points or so.

So keep it up Tea Party folks, Wall Street Journal editorial writers, National Review and Weekly Standard articles all with your over the top rhetoric, and you may yet cause a most improbable re-election.  Mr. Obama and the Democrats are counting on you.

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