Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Rick Perry Says Every State Should Have Population Influx from Other States, Michelle Bachmann Wants to Eliminate Taxes on Millionaires

And Other News That Didn’t Happen, But Could Have

Unemployment Rate in Texas Jan 2001 to Present

Responding to criticism that the Texas job growth was largely due to people moving to Texas from other states, Gov. Rick Perry said today that if he were elected President he would implement a policy whereby every state would get people moving into them from other states.   “This increase in population in every state will increase jobs and this is not just me speaking, but is based on the solid economics of some guy names Malthus” the Governor said.

When someone pointed out that it was mathematically impossible for every state to increase its population by movement of people from other states, Perry said they were just trying to disparage his education at Texas A. & M., and that they just wanted a Governor from a good Ivy League school like Texas Tech.

About $3.00 Too Low For Exxon Mobil

Exxon Mobil has made a discovery of oil deposits in the Gulf of Mexico that could have up to a billion barrels of oil or more.  The company had  kept this a secret (This is true) but the info go out recently.  When asked when they had originally planned to announce the find the company said probably the day after gasoline hit $6.00 a gallon. 

Michelle Bachmann said today that her economic policy would eliminate taxes on anyone who income was greater than $1 million per year.  She explained that millionaires and billionaires were the real job creators and it was classic class warfare to tax them.  She said putting in an alternative minimum tax aimed solely at low income people would not only replace the revenue, but force those individuals to find jobs in order to pay their taxes.  Several economists from the Heritage Foundation and the Hoover Institution wrote opinion pieces in the Wall Street Journal praising the initiative.

Bank of America is in serious trouble due to its acquisition of mortgage giant Countrywide several years ago.  The bank will lay off at least 3,500 employees, but has said it will protect the job of those involved in the acquisition of Countrywide because even though it will cost B of A $50 billion or more to fix the problems of Countrywide, the bank thinks that those that advocated acquiring Countrywide have learned a valuable lesson and it would not be fair for them to lose their jobs.

Germany and France came up with a new plan to solve the European banking and financial crisis.  The plan is to apply for foreign aid from India and China. 

The man who was jailed for hacking the phones of celebrities and crime victims in Britain has been ordered to name names.  In an unusual coincidence, the senior management of the News Corp, Rupert Murdoch’s news empire that owned the paper involved in the hacking will be having their management retreat in a place described by a spokesman as “any resort that does not have any extradition treaties.”   Fox News, also owned by the Murdoch group completed its 17th consecutive day of not commenting on the scandal.

Ron Paul, the Libertarian House Member and Presidential Candidate, whose radical ideas will prevent him from being considered as a serious Presidential candidate said that “Rick Perry makes him, Ron Paul, look like a moderate”.  No Wait, that one is true.

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