Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Photo - Texas Gov. Rick Perry in College

Not a Pretty Picture

[Editor’s Note:  Normally we would not allow The Dismal Political Economist to make the following post, but he has had to read three separate sections of Wall Street Journal opinion/editorial page rather outrageous personal attacks on Mr. Obama, and so to calm him down a little we are allowing this, just one time.]

From Common Dreams.org is the following photograph of Texas Gov. Rick Perry as part of the cadet corps at Texas A. and M. University.  It assumed this is accurate and not a fabrication by a photo editing process.  If that assumption is not correct, The Dismal Political Economist will gladly, and with a great sigh of relief, post a retraction.

Thanks to Jack Bogdanski for the alert.

Future Texas Gov. Rick Perry as a Texas A&M Cadet

No further comment or explanation is needed, and so none will be made.

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