Saturday, August 27, 2011

Amazing Finding on Poll on Approval of Congress, Jon Huntsman on the Dropout Bubble, Republican Strategist Karl Rove Gets Something Right, Eating Fish from the LA River, . . .

And More News That Just Begs for Comments

A new polls show that while 87% of Americans disapprove of the current Congress, and amazingly there is 12% of the population that does approve.  Really, somewhere out there are people who think the Congress is doing a good job. 

The survey, conducted Aug. 18-22, found that approval of Congress has dropped to its lowest level in AP-GfK polling — 12 percent. That's down from 21 percent in June, before the debt deal reached fever pitch.

 Admirer of Congress But Not
Proud About It

An unnamed wealthy business leader offered to pay $100,000 to any participant in the poll willing to admit he or she approved of Congress.  Two people came forth, not to claim the money but to say the ridicule they would receive from being identified as approving of Congress was too great for just a $100,000 payment.

Republican Presidential hopeful hopeless Jon Huntsman continued to lead the polls for the “most likely to be the next to drop out of the race.  Mr. Huntsman made another giant stride towards the winner’s circle in the “drop out” race by announcing he is willing to call on sacrifices by the wealthy to help the economy and the country.

"As president, I wouldn't hesitate to call on a sacrifice from all of our people, even those at the very highest end of the income spectrum," Huntsman said. "I'm not saying higher taxes, but there are contributions they can make too."

Mr. Huntsman is currently polling about 1%, a figure many observers said was way too high and probably a statistical abnormality that was overstating his support.

Karl Rove almost always gets it wrong, but even Mr. Rove cannot be wrong all of the time.  Speaking about former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin Mr. Rove said this.

.... it is a sign of enormous, thin skin that if we speculate about her, she gets upset, and I suspect if we didn't speculate about her, she'd be upset and trying to find a way to get us to speculate about it.... it's weird, very odd"
Meanwhile 41% of Republicans, Republicans no less say that they would never vote for her for President.  Note to Ms. Palin:  Whatever you think you are doing, think again, it’s not working.

Rick Santorum (who?) a Republican Presidential nominee wanna-be and soon to be former Republican Presidential candidate was asked about fellow candidate Ron Paul.  Mr. Santorum,

responding to a question about the Texas congressman’s views by saying they represent a “disconnect from reality.”

Mr. Santorum went to to say that he should be taken seriously on this point,  as he is an expert on being disconnected from reality.

Remember that empty concrete river bed where a lot of movie scenes in Los Angeles take place.  That is actually the Los Angeles River.  Really it is.  And a story in the New York Time on people actually using the river has this comment, which is testimony to the strength and grit and determination of the American people.

Paddling in Los Angeles - Really!

And while it was far easier to spot plastic bags and rusting shopping carts than fish, a few people waved from the banks, where they were reeling in catfish that they said they would eat for dinner that night.

Eating bottom feeders from the L. A. River, Yum, yum

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