Monday, August 29, 2011

Late Summer Political Doldrums – The News is Kinky Friedman and Rick Perry

Running on Empty as the Summer Runs Down

The last week of August is the slowest non-holiday week of the year.  Proof  positive, several political news sites are reporting on the news that Kinky Friedman has endorsed Texas Gov. Rich Perry.

kinky friedman Kinky Friedman Flip Flops On Perry
That's Funny, You don't look

For those readers who are unfamiliar with him, Kinky Friedman is a musician and humorist who is something of a minor celebrity in Texas, particularly among my fellow Texans who think that Western Civilization reached its apex in Austin sometime around 1977.  Friedman ran against Rick Perry as an independent candidate for Governor in 2006 and considered doing so in 2010, before he dropped out of that race and ran a losing campaign for the Democratic nomination for Texas Agriculture Commissioner.

Such news leaves The Dismal Political Economist speechless.

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