Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Earthquake in D. C.: Wall Street Journal Editorial Criticizes Republicans on Libya

No Praise for Mr. Obama-So It Cannot Be Called a Massive Earthquake

Seismic Activity at the WSJ Editorial Page

The Thursday editorial in the Wall Street Journal on the apparent rebel success to overthrow the government of Mr. Gadafi contained these startling sentences.

Though you wouldn't know it from the reaction at the Council on Foreign Relations or among some GOP Presidential candidates, this is a victory for freedom and U.S. national interests. . .

One disappointment is the reluctance among Republicans to praise the rebel success, perhaps for fear it will somehow help Mr. Obama. . .

Michele Bachmann, who played the al Qaeda tune, now looks partisan to a fault

Of course, nowhere in the Journal editorial is there praise for Mr. Obama and his team, this is as close and they can come

The danger of tribal reprisals in Tripoli is real, and President Obama was right yesterday to urge the rebels to pursue "reconciliation."

and of course they have to take a poke at Mr. Obama with this nice back-handed compliment

It's true the President had to be embarrassed into the fight by the French, British and even Qatar. But however belated and badly managed, the U.S. intervention has succeeded in preventing a bloodbath in Benghazi and soon in deposing a long-time U.S. enemy who could have re-emerged as a terrorist sponsor.

(exactly how a badly management intervention can be so succssful is an explanation The Dismal Political Economist will have to leave to readers.)

But for the Wall Street Journal this is monumental.  The staff must have  mistakenly drank from a vat of reality.

Anyway, in return for their almost successful attempt at fairness The Dismal Political Economist will grant the WSJ editorial pages at least a one day reprieve from exposing their crass hypocrisy and their fabrication of facts and logic.

He knows full well though that once they realize what they have said in this editorial, they will come back at Mr. Obama with even higher levels of hypocrisy, greater fabrications and even more twisted logic.  Until then, though enjoy your day off from critical comments, WSJ.  

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  1. Oh, DPE. Please don't give them a one day reprieve. They don't deserve it until they've made significant retractions. Yeah. I know. It won't happen.