Monday, August 8, 2011

Why Does Everyone Quote Paul Krugman?

It’s Simple, He is Just So Much Better Than the Rest of US

Fred R. Conrad/The New York Times
Paul Krugman

Prior to the election of Mr. Obama Mr. Krugman was the most articulate of the critics of George W. Bush.  Many people thought that once Mr. Obama took office Mr. Krugman would become an administration cheerleader.  Many people were wrong.

Here is the somewhat conservative and extremely literate and popular blogger Tyler Cowens commenting on Mr. Krugman’s writings on the ECB bond purchase scheme.

This analysis by Paul Krugman probably won’t be beaten.

Here is Mr. Krugman writing in January 2009 right after Mr. Obama was inaugurated.

How the Economy Was Looking
to Paul Krugman

were the platitudes in his Inaugural Address a sign that he’ll wait for the conventional wisdom to catch up with events? If so, his administration will find itself dangerously behind the curve.

And that’s not a place that we want the new team to be. The economic crisis grows worse, and harder to resolve, with each passing week. If we don’t get drastic action soon, we may find ourselves stuck in the muddle for a very long time.

“Stuck in the Muddle for a long time”.  Kind of speaks for itself, doesn’t it.

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