Thursday, August 25, 2011

The War on Poverty Starts Again, Chris Christie Cannot Run, Mitt Romney Plans a Palace . . .

Stating the Obvious, Because Someone Has To

A Early Casualty in the War on the Poor

Remember the War on Poverty?  That war was against poverty, a war to reduce on eliminate poverty from American society.  Now the “War on Poverty” is a war against the poor. 

 The Republicans support programs to raise taxes on low income people, reduce unemployment benefits, shift senior health care costs to seniors, privatize Social Security, eliminate aid to education and the like that will all have the impact of making those with lower income have more lower income.

The Rich are the Home Team
The Poor Are the Guests, But Not for Long

If you are a betting person, take the Rich, even if you have to give points.  It's pretty likely that the Rich are going to win the War on Poverty, and more than cover the spread

Is there any Republican politician in the country who is too radical to win the electoral votes of Mississippi, Alabama, Utah, Wyoming or North Dakota.  Really, any?

Does Sarah Palin not realize her act of teasing about entering the Presidential race is getting old?  Does she not know it is going to close out of town, and not even make it to a Broadway opening?

After defending a Muslim he appointed as judge, Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey has now stated that global warming exists.  Will everyone now believe it when he says he is not running for the Republican nomination for President?

Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman has positioned himself as the “moderate” in the Republican race for the nomination. He expressed support for science and says he believe in evolution.  Come on Mr. Huntsman, it’s like you are not even trying any more. 

If Mr. Huntsman continues in this vein he will earn the admiration of The Dismal Political Economists and the votes of the 22 Republican primary voters who have been classified as the moderate wing of the Republican party.

Mitt to Mrs. Mitt:  Where is this one?
Reports are out that Mitt Romney is building a huge new luxury residence in La Jolla, California to go with his other huge luxury residences.  Note to Mitt, be sure and keep track of how many houses you have, you might even want to write the number on your palm for future debates.

Hewlett Packard introduced its Touch Pad tablet to much fanfare.  It abandoned its Touch Pad to even greater fanfare, along with a 20% drop in the price of its stock.  To get rid of the thing HP is selling them for $99.00.  At that price they are a big seller.  The failure of the product will probably result in bonuses for top HP management being only “huge” instead of “humongous”.  Here's an idea, how about this, pay this year’s bonuses in Touch Pad’s instead of cash.

Like everyone else, New York Times political guru Nate Silver notes that Mr. Obama’s approval ratings are tanking.  Why is this news?  On the postive side, Mr. Silver notes that Mr. Obama could make history.

If Mr. Obama’s approval ratings remain near the 40 percent mark or below for the rest of August and September, he has a chance to move up the list of historically significant declines.

Germany and France are the two strongest economic powers of Europe, and they are cooperating with each other in an unprecedented manner to try and solve Europe’s economic problems.  They have not engaged in warfare in over 65 years, the longest period of peace between the two nations since 14,654 B. C. to 13, 561 B. C. when the 20 people living in France did not fight with the 42 people living in Germany for over a 70 year period, primarily because the two groups were each lost in the forests for over seven decades.

(The truce ended when the Germans insisted on staging Wagnerian operas within three miles of the French border.)

Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman suggested that Texas Gov. Rick Perry is Unelectable. 

Here is the reaction of Mr. Perry

Does anyone think Mr. Perry’s response was inappropriate?

Well, no one in Texas at least.

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