Friday, August 12, 2011

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie Stands Up for the Muslim He Appointed to the Judiciary and for Religious Freedom

Well This Isn’t What We Expected at All

The Dismal Political Economist joins millions of citizens of the State of New Jersey in not having a very high opinion of the man they elected Governor.  Republican Chris Christie comes across as a bully with respect to actions in his office, taking great delight in not only opposing but also abusing and trying to destroy those who disagree with his policy. 

Even a one time ally, who helped the Governor push through unpopular legislation was treated unfairly by the Governor, and to his credit the State Senate leader fired back.

Now Gov. Christie has gone and appointed Sohail Mohammed to the New Jersey bench.  And because Mr. Mohammed is a Muslim, some have raised questions about the appointment.

Gov. Christie Telling it Right

 They are criticizing him because he is a Muslim American…I was disgusted, candidly, by some of the questions he was asked by both parties at the Senate judiciary committee…Sharia Law has nothing to do with this at all — it’s crazy! It’s crazy. The guy’s an American citizen…This Sharia Law business is crap. It’s just crazy, and I’m tired of dealing with the crazies. It’s just unnecessary to be accusing this guy of things just because of his religious background.

Well The Dismal Political Economist is not happy.  Just when he has all the evidence he needs to dislike Mr. Christie, he does something like that.

This also confirms Mr. Christie will not be running for President in 2012, and after his statements above he can feel confident that the entreaties from the anti-Muslim Conservatives will not be forthcoming any more.  This article by the aptly named Andrew "McCarthy" is illustrative of what Mr. Chritie is fighting.

For the record, Sohail Mohammed is not just an attorney. He served as a board member for an Islamist organization, the American Muslim Union, which, as Commentary’s Jonathan S. Tobin and terrorism expert Steve Emerson have shown, has a checkered past of rationalizing jihadist attacks and supporting jihadists.

Andrew or Joe McCarthy
Can't Tell Which, Can You?

Indeed, when the Holy Land Foundation was shuttered in 2001 for its facilitation of terrorist groups, Mohammed told the Bergen Record that the federal government was unjustly singling out Muslim organizations. Seven years later, a jury convicted several HLF operatives for channeling millions of dollars to Hamas, the terrorist organization that is the Muslim Brotherhood’s Palestinian branch. Mohammed also ripped the Justice Department’s prosecution of al-Arian as a “witch-hunt” and a “politically motivated indictment.” Al-Arian eventually pleaded guilty to a terrorism charge in a case that showed him to be a key operative of the murderous Palestinian Islamic Jihad organization.

Ah yes, pure McCarthyism, its like he time travelled from the 1950's, substituting Islam for Communism. 

Enjoy a brief vacation from criticism Mr. Christie, you have earned it.

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