Friday, August 26, 2011

Headline News – Botox Your Bladder, Post Office Wants Slower Service, Spoiling Mitt Romney's Surprise . . .

Sometimes The Headline is All You Need

Your Bladder Without Botox


And The Dismal Political Economist thought he was the only one with wrinkles on his bladder.

And this surprises exactly who?

You mean they could make it slower? (That was a cheap shot, The Dismal Political Economist apologizes.)

But Can He Turn a Weak Currency
Into A Strong One?

See, a weak currency stimulates exports.  So why do U. S. economists say they want a strong dollar and export growth?  Stupidity, ignorance, lack of knowledge?  Pick one, but only one.

Tax cuts for the wealthy; tax cuts for corporations, tax cuts for the wealthy, capital gains tax cuts, tax cuts for the wealthy, estate tax cuts, tax cuts for the wealthy, and most of all, tax cuts for the wealthy.  Sorry, hope we didn’t rule the suspense or the surprise.

France will be raising taxes on the rich, and a leading business leader says "The rich must contribute more than the poor",  thus explaining in 8 words why Conservatives hate the French.

This is the Congressional Budget Office is out with its regular August economic forecast, demonstrating that some Economics Ph. D’s have an amazing grasp of the obvious.


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  2. Amazing, because just a few days ago I heard about botox being FDA approved to treat some cases of bladders.

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