Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Is Texas Gov. Rick Perry Ready for Prime Time?

Everyone Will Find Out Soon

The Dismal Political Economist has commented on the chances for newly declared Republican Presidential hopeful Texas Gov. Rick Perry to win the nomination and he generally found them favorable.

But Now Texas Republican Governor Rick Perry just continues to make a mess of his Presidential ambitions.  As The Dismal Political Economist reported earlier, Mr. Perry has a clear shot at the nomination and election, and for the nomination he needs only to get between Mr. Romney on the right, and Ms. Bachmann on the extreme far right.  The road between these two is open, no speed limit and no traffic.

But Mr. Perry is already showing the inexperience of a campaigner.  As noted by The Dismal Political Economist, he has walked back two position on states rights, gay marriage and abortion.  His original position was that under the 10th Amendment states and not the federal government should govern these areas.  Now, since states might not govern according to Conservative wishes, Mr. Perry says the Feds should take over, in the form of Constitutional amendments prohibiting gay marriage and abortion.

Mr. Perry has jumped further into the fray with his comments on Federal Reserve policy and Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke. 

“If this guy prints more money between now and the election, I don’t know what y’all would do to him in Iowa, but we would treat him pretty ugly down in Texas,” Perry said. “Printing more money to play politics at this particular time in American history is almost ... treasonous in my opinion.”

"Just What I Need
Another Politician
Who Doesn't Understand

No Mr. Perry, this is just the type of comment that gets you labeled as a crazy right winger, you know, Michelle Bachmann in a cowboy hats and boots.  Here is the Washington Post again

Bernanke is a thoughtful, even-tempered monetary economist. And it’s worth remembering that he served in Bush’s White House and was first appointed to the Fed chairmanship by Bush.

To accuse any Fed chairman who would “print money” of treason is like criticizing the transportation secretary for building roads. It is the job of the Fed, or any central bank, to print money.

Besides Mr. Perry, that fact that you show fear of the Fed’s policy shows you don’t know what is going on economically.  There is very little the Fed can do at this point, and someone needs to tell you that before you continue to dig yourself into this hole.

First in the Nation to Quit
But Mr. Perry Can Take His Spot
in the Debates?
Anone possible barrier to Mr. Perry will be his performance in candidate debates.  Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty was a media favorite until his performance in the first major debate, when he failed to follow up with his attack on Mitt Romney’s Massachusetts health care plan.  Mr. Pawlenty suffered from media criticism, his perception in voter minds changed and he was effectively eliminated from the campaign.  After the Ames, Iowa Straw Poll he withdrew.

Mr. Perry will be facing a series of debates after Labor Day.

What the next 60 days will tell us about the presidential race

The above cited article refers to the five debates scheduled for the period after Labor Day.

But Which One is Perry and Which One is Romney?

The debates will come in quick succession after Labor Day: Sept. 7 in California, Sept. 12 and 22 in Florida, Oct. 11 in New Hampshire and Oct. 18 in Nevada.

These debates will be crucial for Mr. Perry.  They cannot get him the nomination, but they can derail or reduce his chances.  Mr. Perry is not off to a good start, either. 

 Instead of openly embracing the opportunity to face his opponents, we have this.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry, the newest entrant into the race, has made no decision about how many debates he will participate in.

“We have not committed to any,” said Perry adviser Dave Carney. “We will consider the opportunities, dates, rules, etcetera, and make the decisions in due time.”

Wrong answer Mr. Perry.  Unless you can bring that Texas Swagger into the picture soon against your opponents you will face the  charge of “All hat and no cattle”, which is devastating to a Texan.

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  1. "No Mr. Perry, this is just the type of comment that gets you labeled as a crazy right winger, you know, Michelle Bachmann in a cowboy hats and boots." I couldn't have said it better, except some much deserved foul language.