Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Memo: Wisconsin to Democrats – Are You Getting the Message?

If You Did Not, You Will in 2012

Following the outrage in Wisconsin over the Republican dominated government’s removal of collective bargaining rights for public employees, Democrats and their union allies started petition drives for the recall of some Republican State Senators.  Republicans retaliated by having recall drives for a few Democrats.

Is This a Republican Winner in Wisconsin?
If you have to ask, you are probably a Democrat 

The outcome was that six Republican State Senators faced recall elections on Tuesday with Democrats needing to win three of the races to take back control of the State Senate. 

The results were two narrow Democratic victories, and four strong Republican victories.  So not only did the Democrats fail in their goal to capture control of the State Senate, if they were to lose both remaining Democratic races next week they would actually end up with less seats in the Senate.

Local elections are about local issues, but this recall election was the exception.  A huge amount of money was spent and Republicans tried to make the election about national Democrats and Mr. Obama.  To a large extent, they succeeded. 

After losing big in 2009 in New Jersey and Virginia and in a Massachusetts Senate race where the Republicans took Ted Kennedy’s seat, the Democrats were in denial.  After all, Polls showed the country did not accept the radical Conservative philosophy of the Republicans.

After losing big in 2010 Democrats were in denial.  They did not, and still do not understand the depth of the loss, particularly at the state levels where Republicans had major gains in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania.  After all, Polls still showed the country did not accept the radical Conservative philosophy of the Republicans.

After losing big in 2011 in Wisconsin  one wonders if the Democrats will “get it” after failing in Wisconsin.  Probably not, because after all polls still show the country does not accept the radical Conservative philosophy of the Republicans. 

Note to Democrats, Polls do not Count, Votes Do.

In the United State a well organized, cohesive, dedicated, energetic and well funded minority defeats the unorganized, lethargic majority almost every time.  The former describes Republicans, the latter Democrats.  All of the young energetic determined people in politics are Republicans, and they are being backed with the millions of dollars of Conservative billionaires, men and women who have everything there is to have and want more.

Democrats dominate on the Pacific coast and on the northeast Atlantic coast.  In the south, southwest, farm states and mountain states they are becoming irrelevant.  In the industrial states they are on the defensive.  After 2012 they may no longer be a national party.

Is This Where Democrats Live?

The first step in fixing a problem is recognizing you have a problem.  But when the recognition comes too late, it can be too late to fix the problem. 

Democrats, you have been sent three messages.  The next one may be going to an address that no longer has any occupants.

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