Friday, August 26, 2011

Mitt Romney’s Luck Get’s Even Better – He Is Behind Rick Perry in the Polls

Why That is a Good Thing for Mr. Romney

The entry of Texas Governor Rick Perry into the Presidential Race has resulted in exactly what was expected.  By appealing to both the social issues part of the Republican party and the fiscal conservatives of the Republican party, Mr. Perry has united two somewhat disparate groups behind him.  He now has a large lead in the polls.

Mr. Romney's Secret Weapon

So why is this a good thing for Mr. Romney.  Because the goal here for the Mittster is not to just win the nomination, but to win the general election.  While the entry of Mr. Perry has reduced the chances of Mr. Romney being the Republican nominee, it has enhanced his chances of defeating Mr. Obama if he were to become the nominee.

The reasons for this is that one, in comparison to Mr. Perry and Ms. Bachmann, Mr. Romney is perceived as less radical or more moderate.  This is the image he will need to be competitive in the general election.  He doesn’t even have to say anything moderate or do anything moderate, (because no one will believe him anyway), he just has to have the perception of moderation which he automatically gets in contrast to the other candidates.

The second reason why Mr. Perry’s entry will help Mr. Romney in the general election is that if he defeats Mr. Perry for the nomination, Mr. Romney will gain status from defeating a substantial and significant candidate.  .

What glory is there in defeating Michelle Bachmann?

Even The Political Gods of Irony Favor Mr. Romney

Even better, Mr. Perry has skyrocketed to the polls in August, giving Mr. Romney plenty of time to develop a strategy to defeat him.

So if he should win the nomination Mr. Romney may well look upon Mr. Perry’s entry as giving him the best chance to win the election. 

The political gods of irony work in strange ways.


  1. What can Romney do, but be behind Perry? The party of Stupid won't nominate anyone that has an education. Romney can't hide the fact that he majored in both Business and Law at Harvard, the top in his class.
    Perry is perfect for the party of Stupid. Perry got a D in economics 101 and majored in C's and D's. Any worse and he would have been kicked out of school. Perry could have only done better for his party if he was a High School drop out. For Perry's sake, let us hope a high school drop out candidate does not join the race or Perry is yesterday's news.

  2. Bloomberg detractors are invariably close relatives of schoolteachers, except the fringe who still think he's Uncle Martian. Bloomberg kept did what Pataki brought him in to do: tame the UFT which brought down Damoto.