Thursday, March 1, 2012

Dear Dismal Political Economist! – “No One Understands My Position on the Auto Bailout”

An Advice Column for the Perplexed and Confused on Economic and Political Issues

[Editor’s Note:  In his continuing effort to bring light and clarification to  current events and current issues, The Dismal Political Economist is now answering reader’s questions on how the current political and economic climate affects them personally.]

Dear Dismal Political Economist

I have stated what I believe is a clear and unequivocal position on the government’s bailout of the auto companies GM and Chrysler.  I wrote an opinion piece that said “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt” but by that I didn’t really mean they should go bankrupt.  What I meant was  that they should have a managed bankruptcy, whatever that is.  I later said that the Obama program made the situation worse, but also that they did exactly what I proposed.  I also said that the government should not have provided funding, but that they could provide funding at the end of the process. 

For some reason even my supporters claim they don’t understand my position. What’s wrong with these people, how can I make this any clearer?


Mitt from Michigan (and Utah and California and New Hampshire and Massachusetts)

Dear Mitt:

While others would pull back from this challenge, The Dismal Political Economist can tell you exactly what to do. 

You need to have your handlers come up with a set of stock phrases that you can use when this question of your position on the auto bailout comes up.  For example when someone asks you to explain your position on the government’s support for GM and Chrysler you say

“You know my position on that”


“I think I have made my position clear”


“Check the record, my words speak for themselves”


“Read my past statements and you will see exactly where I stand”

and so forth and so forth until the questioner gives up in frustration.  This will work, trust us.



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