Monday, March 19, 2012

Here’s a Great Winning Idea – Go to Puerto Rico Just Before the Critical Illinois Primary and Campaign on the Platform that this Proud Hispanic Community Must Adopt English As Its Official Language

Is Rick Santorum the Biggest Dolt Since Donald Trump Left the Race?

Don’t Answer, It’s a Trick Question

For reasons known only to the gods of politics, Rick Santorum decided to contest the Puerto Rico primary with Mitt Romney.  See Mr. Santorum has a critical contest coming up in Illinois, where an upset of Mr. Romney would actually inject viability into Mr. Santorum’s campaign.  So like the canny politician that he is, Mr. Santorum spent considerable time campaigning in delegate poor Puerto Rico, trying to, well, nobody is sure what he was trying to do.

Maybe he was trying to lose.  Mr. Romney practiced his classic pandering style, supporting statehood for Puerto Rico, something he would never allow if he actually became President.  Mr. Santorum competed with Mr. Romney in this manner.

Which One is Mr. Santorum
again, we keep forgetting.

Romney probably got a boost from his unqualified support for Puerto Rican statehood, the top issue in the race. Santorum, on the other hand, faced a backlash after suggesting that statehood be contingent on Puerto Rico making English its main language.

Yeah, that was sure to be a winning strategy.  So now going into Illinois Mr. Santorum is riding the wave of a massive loss.

The AP called the race with only 11 percent reporting, with Romney taking an overwhelming 82 percent of the vote. Romney will take all 20 of the territory’s delegates if he wins over 50 percent of the vote, as he is almost certain to do.

And Mr. Santorum may join the select group that includes former GOP aspirants Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann, people too politically inept to be Presidential contenders.  Remember this is a candidate who wants to be taken seriously, yet could not find time to qualify for the ballot in Virginia and did not field a full slate of delegates in Ohio and Illinois, or even in his native state of Pennsylvania.  As for the motive for his idiotic behavior, well this Forum has practically guaranteed a Romney victory in the Illinois primary, and maybe Mr. Santorum is just trying to make our forecast of a large Romney win become reality. 

If so, well thanks Mr. Santorum, but quite frankly we don’t need your help on this one.

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