Saturday, March 17, 2012

Mitt Romney to Voters: I’m So Rich I don’t Even Need to Sign Up for Medicare”

Mitt Sends a Message – But Is It What He Really Wants to Say?

Mitt Romney is turning 65, and so he will become eligible for Medicare.  Almost all Americans who reach that age sign up for Medicare, because the cost of private insurance is prohibitive, if it is even available at all.  But private insurance even for people over 65 is mostly available if only one can afford the premiums.  And if a person is really rich, well, they can self insure, meaning they have enough money in their pockets to pay for medical costs even if those costs reach into the millions.

Such is apparently the case with Republican Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney.  Mr. Romney announced that he would not be joining Medicare when he becomes eligible.  But then why should he, after all Medicare is for the “Not Filthy Rich” and Mr. Romney is proud of the fact that he is very wealthy.  When he says “no apology” he means he makes no apology for making gobs of money.  Mr. Romney’s campaign did not detail exactly where he gets his health care coverage from, or what he plans to do.

So the first thought here is that Mr. Romney would simply self insure.  Since he famously said that he has been unemployed, and can thus identify with all of the unemployed in the country, he is not eligible for employer provided health care insurance.  And just like being fake unemployed allows Mr. Romney to really understand the horrible plight of the real unemployed, being fake uninsured will allow Mr. Romney to really identify with the real uninsured.

But Mr. Romney lives in Massachusetts, at least he has a home there and claims to live there (does anyone know where Mr. Romney claims residence when he doesn’t need to claim a place for electoral purposes).  And in Massachusetts a person has to have health care insurance, so they don’t just get free coverage paid for by everyone else (thanks to a health care plan enacted by . . . Mr. Romney).  So the thinking here is that Mr. Romney is still getting health care insurance, and we mean gold plated health care insurance from his old employer of Bain Capital.

See when Mr. Romney left employment he did what everyone else does when the quit a job.  He negotiated a package that pays him, maybe for life, from all the money Bain makes by buying companies, and he was certainly smart enough to include in that package a company paid for health care insurance plan for life. 

So Mr. Romney will avoid what the rest of us have either done or will do, which is enroll in Medicare.  But don’t worry current and future Medicare recipients, Mr. Romney will certainly make sure all of you have your Medicare.  After all, he wouldn’t be for privatizing that very successful government program, would he?

Of course, if Mr. Romney is somehow selected to be President then he will get fantastic government provided health care, you know, the health care that he and his Conservative cohorts who are elected officials get.  Yes, the great government provided health care and health care insurance they all get so they are healthy enough to denounce government provided health care and health care insurance for everyone else.

Wouldn't have it any other way!

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