Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Why This is a Pretty Picture

Because Not All Men Are Cretins (yes, present company excepted)

Carey's first "self-portrait in tutu" was taken on
April 18, 2003 near Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Because most news is concerned with bad things (which is a good thing since it means bad things are rarer than good things and thus pop into the news more) here is a picture of a man doing a good thing.

Bob Carey is a photographer, and Yahoo has the story of his donning a pink tutu and being photographed in it as a way of supporting his wife who has breast cancer.

The Tutu Project started in 2003 when Carey donated a picture of himself wearing a custom-made ballet skirt as part of a fund raiser for the Arizona Ballet. Soon after, Linda was diagnosed with breast cancer. "It wasn't about her when I started," Carey tells Shine. But when she was recovering from surgery, he found it was the one thing he could do to take break. "It takes a lot of love for him to put that tutu on," Linda tells Shine. "And it makes us laugh."

  Since a picture is worth a thousand words, in this case the picture will suffice.

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