Sunday, March 25, 2012

Here’s a Really Good Idea in California – Drastically Cut the Number of Students in College

Implementing Rick Santorum’s Idea of American Greatness

The educational crisis that has been affecting California because of budget problems is about to get much worse if voters do not approve new tax increases.  Officials of the California State University System are warning of dire consequences if inadequate funding of the university system is not in place.

Officials estimate 20,000 to 25,000 eligible students could be turned away. In addition, campuses will limit the number of courses students can take, with a maximum of 15 to 17 credits each term except for graduating seniors.

But the system's 23 campuses also may be forced to cut programs and staff, said Benjamin F. Quillian, executive vice chancellor and chief financial officer, at the trustees meeting in Long Beach.

Now The Dismal Political Economist will yield to no one in his criticism of higher education in America.  Colleges and universities have bloated, ineffective administrative staff, the productivity of teaching is a major problem, obsession with athletics diverts needed resources and attention away from academics and the wasted resources of most institutions of higher education is monumental. Senior faculty work less and whine more about how hard they are working than anyone else.  But significantly reducing enrollment and the quality of education is not the answer.  Instead it will produce a long term decline in the American economy and standard of living.

Contrast this policy in the United States with other countries that are attempting to equal and exceed the U. S. in the world economy.  Brazil is spending billions to educate students in top quality universities, and China is spending billion to educate a massive work force.  In this country there is a serious candidate for President who calls the current President a “snob” for suggesting everyone should try to get a college education.

The cries of doom by college administrators over budget cuts must be viewed in a somewhat skeptical manner, because they are not objective observers and commentators.  And there is this.

Even as they were talking of classroom cutbacks, the Board of Trustees on Tuesday voted 11 to 3 to approve 10% pay increases for new presidents at the Fullerton and East Bay campuses.

which leads everyone to wonder whether or not the people overseeing California colleges have their heads up their a…  

But skepticism aside, everyone knows that cutting spending over a long period of time will lead to a worse outcome, not a better one.  Unless of course your only priority is tax cuts for the wealthy.  In that case, if the long term future of the U. S. economy and its investment in education of its children must suffer, well so be it. 

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