Thursday, March 29, 2012

Message to Conservatives – Here’s How You Can Win on Social Issues and Take Them Out of the Electoral Process

Just Live Up to Conservative Principles – That’s Not So Hard Is It?

[Editor’s Note:  This message is brought to Conservatives as a public service.  No need to thank us, a change in your behavior is thanks enough.]

Elections are generally fought along three main lines.  Economics and economic policy usually dominates.  Foreign policy is important many times, particularly when the nation is a war or is threatened with a war or even worse, threatened with a disruption of energy supplies. 

But what are called ‘social issue’ sometimes dominate.  These are issues like abortion rights, praying in public schools and all the issues surrounding people who are gay or lesbian.  These issues are incredibly corrosive and divisive, because positions are held with passion and a deep seated belief based more on faith than logic.  As much as possible they need to be gone from public discourse.  So for Conservatives, for whom these issues tend to be a driving force, here is a bit of advice on how you can get your way on these issues and hopefully, get them out of elections.

  1. Gay Marriage:  If you are against same sex marriage, don’t marry a person of the same sex.

  1. Homosexual Behavior:  If you think homosexual behavior is a sin and wrong, don’t engage in homosexual behavior.  If you are not a gay or lesbian individual, refraining from acting gay or lesbian should not be all that difficult.

  1. Praying in Public Schools:  If you want your child to pray in a public school, tell them just to pray silently.  No one will interfere with their right to do so because no one will know that they are praying.

  1. Abortion:  Since abortion is the result of an unplanned and unwanted pregnancy, work to maximize reproductive education and the availability of family planning practices.  Every unwanted pregnancy that is avoided is a potential abortion that is avoided.

  1. Contraception:  If you don’t believe that artificial birth control measures is correct, don’t use artificial birth control measures.

  1. States Rights:  If you believe in state’s rights then work to prevent laws that abuse state’s rights.  For example, fight against the proposed law that would allow a person living in state A where concealed guns are legal to carry a concealed gun into state B where concealed guns are illegal.  If states have the right to allow concealed weapons, then they have the right to prohibit concealed weapons and a law that forces states that don’t allow concealed weapons to allow them with individuals from another state is a gross violation of state’s rights.

  1. Physician Assisted Suicide:  If you believe this is wrong do not, we repeat do not allow a physician to assist you with a suicide.

  1. Health Care Mandate:  If you think it is wrong for the federal government to mandate that everyone should have health care insurance then use the hundreds of millions you are spending to fight that mandate to provide or subsidize health care for those who cannot get health insurance.

  1. Government Control of Health Care:  Since you believe that government should not interfere in health care, work to prevent any laws that impose government required procedures and government required behavior on the part of physicians and patients.

There Conservatives, do all that and you will prevail in your views without forcing them on others and who knows, you may even attract some intelligent and rational people to your side.

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