Sunday, March 11, 2012

Republican Presidential Nomination Election Update: Romney Wins Northern Mariana Island Convincingly

Not Sure if It Was  Primary Or Caucus or What or Why Mr. Romney Cannot Win the Southern Mariana Islands

In the excitement of the weekend The Dismal Political Economist joined many other political commentators by failing to note that Mitt Romney won the contest for delegates in the Northern Mariana Island.  Of course, in our defense we had no idea that there was a contest in the Northern Mariana Islands, or even what the contest was, who else was competing and how many delegates were at stake.

The celebration of the Romney campaign was muted because apparently he did not win the Southern Marina Islands.  In fact, no one has been able to determine if there was a contest in the Southern Mariana Islands, and if so who won.  Even worse, no one has been able to determine if there even is a Southern Mariana Island group, and if so what possible role it plays in world affairs. 

The results in the Mariana Islands do confirm Mr. Romney’s reputed weakness in the South.  Yes he won the Northern Mariana Islands but his complete lack of success in the Southern Mariana Islands is just further indication that Mr. Romney has work to do to win the votes of Southerners.

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