Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mr. Romney to Illinois: Who will rid me of this meddlesome priest?

Illinois to Mr. Romney:  You’re Welcome

Some Thoughts on the Illinois Primary 

Illinois was the perfect state for Mitt Romney.  The population in the Chicago area far outnumbered the downstate population, and that population is overwhelmingly Romney people, at least as far as Republicans are concerned.  So the outcome of this primary was never in doubt, if Mr. Romney was going to win anywhere, it was going to be in Illinois.

So here is what we can take away from the Illinois results.

1.  Rick Santorum still feels that the Republicans will repudiate the man who is winning all these delegates and select him.  After the primary he gave a victory speech.  Note to Mr. Santorum, you give a victory speech when you win.

  1. Many pundits mistook the heavy campaigning by Mr. Romney in Illinois for the race being competitive and Mr. Romney running scared.  Mr. Romney campaigned heavily and spent heavily because he wanted to hit Mr. Santorum with a near knockout blow. 

  1. Mr. Santorum ridicules Mr. Obama for using a teleprompter.  Mr. Santorum desperately needs a teleprompter.

  1. A surge took place in Illinois towards the end of the race.  This has happened with Mr. Romney in similar races in Michigan and Ohio.  In this case the surge was propelled by Mr. Santorum’s decision to go to Puerto Rico and suffer a massive defeat.  All but the most devoted radical Conservatives want at least a modicum of competency in their candidate.  So far nothing Mr. Santorum has said or done has demonstrated any competency.

  1. It will be interesting to see if Mr. Romney campaigns heavily in Pennsylvania.  He could cede the state to Mr. Santorum with no consequences, or he could take the risk of making a strong effort, and if he succeeded in making the race close it would surely convince even Mr. Santorum that the race was over.
This weekend Mr. Santorum is expected to easily win in Louisiana, but that really will not matter because Mr. Santorum is expected to easily win in Louisiana.  Wisconsin is up in two weeks, a state much more favorable for Mr. Santorum.  Mr. Romney can withstand a loss in Louisiana, Mr. Santorum probably not so well.

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