Friday, March 30, 2012

Florida Republicans Succeed in Suppressing Vote, Just Another Step Towards Eliminating This Messy Democracy Thing

Seems Like They Really Want to go Back to When the Only Voters Were White Males that Owned Property

It should be no longer an issue subject to conjecture that Republicans are on an extended campaign to suppress voting.  They believe that their voters are far more motivated than other voters, and that if they can just keep people like minorities and low income folks from the polls they will win elections they might otherwise lose.

So in Florida they have enacted legislation that makes it very difficult for third parties to help in registering new voters.

The state’s new elections law — which requires groups that register voters to turn in completed forms within 48 hours or risk fines, among other things — has led the state’s League of Women Voters to halt its efforts this year. Rock the Vote, a national organization that encourages young people to vote, began an effort last week to register high school students around the nation — but not in Florida, over fears that teachers could face fines. And on college campuses, the once-ubiquitous folding tables piled high with voter registration forms are now a rarer sight.

These new laws are prevalent, and almost all have been passed by Republicans.  Their excuse, they are just trying to prevent voter fraud.

Republicans, who have passed nearly all of the new voting laws, say the restrictions are needed to prevent fraud. Democrats note that such fraud almost never happens, and say that the laws will make harder for young people and members of minority groups, who tend to support Democrats, to vote.

but we all know what they are trying to prevent, Democratic voters.  After all if you cannot win an election on merit you have to try to win by other means.

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