Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mitt Romney’s Plan to Prevent Iran From Developing a Nuclear Weapon – “I will Do Everything Mr. Obama is Doing”

But Try Not to Make It Seem That Way

One of the many groups that Mitt Romney is pandering to is the war hawk group, the people who urged the U. S. to go to war in Iraq, who urged the U. S. to go to war in Afghanistan, who urged the U. S. to go to war in Libya,  and who are urging the U. S. to go to war against Iran (and Syria).  These are the people who have not learned anything from those adventures, and these are the people who will never learn anything. Ask most of them about Vietnam and they will say the U. S. could have and should have won.

But Mr. Romney cannot come out and say that he will go to war against Iran since the rest of us, what might be called the rational coalition, will not support another war that will make matters worse rather than better.  As stated earlier here, there is a high probability that Iran is trying to provoke a strike against it, as that would rally their populace to the currently unpopular government, and give them carte blanche to engage in terrorist acts against Israel and the United States.

So Mr. Romney is largely stuck parroting Mr. Obama’s policy, with a couple of snide remarks and a very veiled threat, veiled so heavily that no one can accuse him to taking any position.  Here is what he is saying.

I will press forward with ballistic missile defense systems to ensure that Iranian and North Korean missiles cannot threaten us or our allies.

Ok, the anti-missile system, a concept discredited from the 1980’s.  And then there is this.

 I will press for ever-tightening sanctions, acting with other countries if we can but alone if we must. 

Sorry Mr. Romney, Obama is already doing that.

I will demonstrate our commitment to the world by making Jerusalem the destination of my first foreign trip.

Yeah, that will scare the hell out of them.

My plan includes restoring the regular presence of aircraft carrier groups in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Persian Gulf region simultaneously.

Already doing that.

 includes increasing military assistance to Israel and improved coordination with all of our allies in the area.

Already doing that.

So what do you say when you have nothing to say, you end with this.

Either the ayatollahs will get the message, or they will learn some very painful lessons about the meaning of American resolve.

which of course can mean anything, which of course is exactly what Mr. Romney wants.  If fact what it probably means is Mr. Romney will say mean things about them if all else fails.

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