Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Not So Sad Death of the Gingrich Campaign

Political Fantasy Meets Financial Reality

That the Newt Gingrich campaign has been an exercise in futility has been evident from the beginning.  Just after Mr. Gingrich announced, he took a two week trip to Greece causing his entire staff to resign.  He came back, announced he would run a “different” campaign, managed to win the state of South Carolina and then was pummeled into oblivion in Florida by the Romney machine.

After this humiliation Mr. Gingrich won his former home state of Georgia, and had he been a smart and intelligent man he would have then gracefully exited the race. But instead his massive ego propelled him forward, and finally his failures are catching up with him.  The campaign dismantling has now begun.

Newt Gingrich campaigns Tuesday. | AP Photo
Mr. Gingrich During a Brief Stop in Reality World

Newt Gingrich is cutting back his campaign schedule, will lay off about a third of his cash-strapped campaign’s full-time staff, and has replaced his manager as part of what aides are calling a “big-choice convention” strategy, communications director Joe DeSantis told POLITICO.

Michael Krull, a former advance man and a college friend of Callista Gingrich’s who took over the campaign after a staff exodus in June, was replaced last weekend by Vince Haley, who has worked for Gingrich for nine years and currently is deputy campaign manager and policy director.

No one (well actually everyone) should take this as an indication that Mr. Gingrich is quitting.  His strategy is to go to the convention where he believes the delegates will reject Mr. Romney and select him.

“We’re focusing exclusively on what it’ll take to win what we’re going to be calling a big-choice convention in August,” DeSantis said in a phone interview Tuesday night.

Sorry Mr. Gingrich, but as you well know, the Republicans are the party of the anti-choice, just ask anyone who is in favor of abortion rights.  And yes, this Forum should be more sympathetic to a losing candidate, except in this case Mr. Gingrich is just so difficult a person to generate any sympathy for.

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