Sunday, March 25, 2012

Letter by Wisconsin Medical Society Confirms That It is Republicans, Not Democrats That Want a Government Takeover of Health Care

But Don’t Expect the National Media to Call Republicans on This – Reporting Facts Would be Prejudicial to Conservatives

The Republican mantra on the ACA, what they call Obama care is that it is a government takeover of health care.  It is not, of course, it simply (well not simply but complicated) allows for more affordable access to health care by Americans who current are underserved and suffer.  But if government control of health care can be defined as government dictating health care activity and interfering with the doctor/patient relationship, then it is Republicans who want government to have greater control of health care.

Medical Societies, the trade groups of physicians are not normally liberal groups.  While we have no data on the political philosophy and party affiliation of doctors, it is not a great stretch to assume that they are far more Republican than they are Democrat.  Their high incomes make them the natural supporters of the “cut taxes at any cost” Conservatives.

So it is newsworthy, even if it is not reported by the news when the Wisconsin Medical Society steps into politics and health care policy and urges Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker to veto a bill restricting abortions.  Here is their rationale for that position.

The Wisconsin Medical Society's letter said the bill passed by the Republican-controlled state Legislature earlier this month would infringe on the physician-patient relationship. The doctors' group also expressed concern that physicians who fail to follow the bill exactly will face a Class I felony charge.

Wow, government interfering in one of the most private and sacrosanct relationships, the interchange between a doctor and the patient.  Can anyone explain how that fits with Conservative thinking?  Well actually it can be explained, Conservatives have no principles that they will not abandon in order to impose their version of how people should live their lives on the people who don't lead their lives the way Conservatives want them to lead their lives.  Yep, that does explain things.

And notice that nice felony thing, and issue of state authority that would send doctors to jail and end their careers for failing to adhere to government control. 

The really interesting political issue is whether or not the Governor will sign the bill.  Normally this would be a non-issue and a non-event, of course an ultra Conservative Republican governor would sign such a bill.  But Governor Walker is facing a recall election, and Wisconsin is not the ultra Conservative state that people think it is.  The history of Wisconsin is progressive policies and if Gov. Walker signs this bill he harms his chances in the recall. 

So let’s wait and see whether or not the Governor supports his principles or his electoral survival. He has until April 12 to decide The betting here, principles will be found under the bus, thrown there by Mr. Walker in his attempt to stay in office.

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