Thursday, March 21, 2013

Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan, The Bogus Budget Guru Apparently is Unaware There Was an Election Recently

Which is Odd, Since He Was a Big Loser in It

The Republicans have turned over their budget policy to one man, Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan, in the belief that despite all evidence to the contrary Mr. Ryan is a budget expert.  Now defending his budget on a Sunday talk show Mr. Ryan made this amazing statement.

Asked by host Bob Schieffer to address the criticism that his budget is old news, since many of the proposals were brought up in previous years, Ryan ticked off key components of his plan - reforming entitlements and closing tax loopholes - and how those ideas appeal to American voters.

"I hardly think that that’s retread, I think that’s what people want," Ryan said.

What, Mitt and I Lost - Why Didn't Somebody Tell Me

See Paul, if your budget was what people wanted they would have voted for you.  That’s the way in works in a democracy.  Maybe you should spend a little more time in Civics 101, apparently you need to go back to school on this one.

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