Thursday, March 7, 2013

Conservatives in Oklahoma Want to Ensure More People Are Killed in Auto Accidents

Yes, They Just Want to Preserve That Freedom

Conservatives bristle at the notion that they don’t really care for people, that they place ideological purity above all else, even lives.  But of course their actions continue to support that position, as this news item from Oklahoma shows.

A Republican-controlled House committee on Thursday derailed a bill to ban texting while driving, citing concerns that it would be hard to enforce and jeopardize personal freedoms. The bill would make it illegal to “compose, send or read a text-based communication” while driving, with fines of up to $500 for violations. Representative Josh Cockcroft, a member of the Calendar Committee who opposed the bill, said: “I’ll be the first to say it’s dangerous and foolish to text while driving. But where do you stop? Can I not eat a cheeseburger in my car?”

There is support for the ban, but most of the supporters have either died or been severely injured from auto crashes involving texting, and Republican have said that if those deaths or injuries had been prevented by the law, that would have been a terrible infringement on the rights of those people to be killed or severely injured in an auto crash.

“Death and injury from an automobile accident is an American Constitutional right” said a prominent Conservative, “and only socialists, commies and those do-gooders interested in public safety would want to take away that right.”

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