Sunday, March 3, 2013

Conservative Supreme Court Seems Ready to Gut Voting Rights Law

Really, What Did You Expect?

There is only one political party that wants to rig the electoral process.  Republicans know that they cannot win on the merits of their positions, so they are left with continually trying to ‘game the system’ and enact changes that will allow them to win elections they otherwise would not be able to win.

The Voting Rights Act assures that minorities are treated fairly in voting, which is the last thing Republicans want.  And now the Supreme Court seems headed towards removing that protection.  In the case being heard before the Court,

Justice Antonin Scalia called the provision, which requires nine states, mostly in the South, to get federal permission before changing voting procedures, a “perpetuation of racial entitlement.” Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. asked a skeptical question about whether people in the South are more racist than those in the North. Justice Anthony M. Kennedy asked how much longer Alabama must live “under the trusteeship of the United States government.”

So in a few months even that protection will be lost.  This will not mean that minorities will be disenfranchised.  Instead minority voters and voters who favor Democrats will be packed into federal and state and local districts where they will be able to win a few seats in the legislative bodies by huge majorities, but they will have no influence or power or control in the legislative bodies.   This will leave the Republican voters to be spread out in the swing districts, turning them into reliable Republican districts. 

All of this will work towards the Republican goal of fixing the Electoral College so that Republicans can take electoral votes in Democratic states, and not give up Democratic electoral votes in Republican states.  Really, Republican are very good at fixing the system in their favor, and soon they will be given even more freedom to do so.

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