Friday, March 29, 2013

Republican Congressman Don Young Uses Ethnic Slur to Refer to Hispanics

But He Meant No Disrespect - It's Just Basic Prejudice

Conservatives try to run stealth campaigns, to hide their beliefs and intentions until they are elected and take office.  For example, they claim to have no ethnic bias against men and women of Hispanic heritage.  But every now and then the truth is blurted out.  Such is the case in an interview with long time Alaskan Representative Don Young.


Rep. Don Young on wetbacks' comment: I 'meant no disrespect'

Don Young is pictured. | AP Photo
Young went on to praise the role migrant workers play in society. | AP Photo
Funny, he doesn't look like a bigot

Rep. Don Young says he “meant no disrespect” when he used the term “wetbacks.”
“My father had a ranch; we used to have 50-60 wetbacks to pick tomatoes,” Young, an Alaska Republican, told a local radio station in a story posted Thursday.

Well we’re sure he didn’t mean any disrespect, or bias, or prejudice or anything else when he used the derogatory slur.  Just as we mean no disrespect, bias or prejudice when we refer to Mr. Young as “an ignorant baboon”.  Oh, to clarify, we mean no disrespect, bias or prejudice against baboons.

Note to Republicans:  Is this really the way to win Hispanic support?  Just asking.

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