Wednesday, March 20, 2013

No One Will Hire Keith Olbermann, But Here’s a Suggestion for Keith

Because We Need Him – Even With His Personality

It’s always difficult to give credence to information that comes out of discovery for a lawsuit, but this information about former MSNBC, former Current TV, former ESPN and former a bunch of other networks commentator Keith Olbermann has the ring of truth.  Olbermann has sued (and since settled) with his most recent employer.  (Suing an employer not being the best career move)

"One of the cards his people played was hardship," the source, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, told POLITICO. "He spent last fall talking to all the major networks, and he couldn't get a job. The idea was, this could be the last money he ever earned."

Mr. Olbermann is one of the few non-Conservative commentator who can convey information to audiences in an entertaining and informative manner (yes Rachael Maddow and Chris Hayes are out there, but no one would call them entertaining).  So how does he get back on the air?

Think it all you want Keith, Just Don't Say It
The suggestion here is that Mr. Olbermann irrevocably cede his entire non-commentary personality to a trust.  The trust would have absolute authority over Mr. Olbermann in any non-commentary role. Mr. Olbermann would not be permitted to interact with any network executives or make any statements to or about his employers.  He would, outside the confines of programming, be prohibited from saying or doing  just about anything.

Would this work?  From all accounts this is what happened with comedian/writer Larry David and the Seinfeld show.  Mr. David was the creative genius behind the show, and by all accounts he was one of the most difficult individuals ever created.  So NBC simply kept him out of the management loop, and let him do his thing and nothing else.  All in all, a good plan and one Mr. Olbermann should embrace.  If not for himself, then at least for the rest of us.

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