Monday, March 18, 2013

SAC Capital Advisors is One of the Nations Most Successful Investment Advisory Firms – And Now We Know Why – They Cheat

And Incredibly, They Got Caught

The Investment Businesses in the last election cycle moved away from President Obama in a big way.  They felt that he was too mean to them, to eager to regulate them and not willing to leave them alone.  Mr. Obama didn’t understand that the investment industry was capable of self-regulation because they were such moral, decent and upright people.

So now it turns out that one of the investment advisory firms that performed so well did so because they cheated the system.

SAC Capital Advisors LP, one of the nation's most successful investment firms, will pay a record $616 million penalty to settle two insider-trading cases, including what authorities called the most lucrative such scheme ever.

The SAC settlements—for $602 million
 and $14 million—do "not preclude any such
[future insider trading] charges at all against
any person, including Steven Cohen, who's not
named as a defendant in these cases,"
said George Canellos, the SEC's acting enforcement chief.

Gosh, pay a fine, promise never to do it again and there you go.  Off to office to attract more investors with the promise that this time they will do it within the spirit and letter of the law not get caught.

So far no one has gone to jail, or even been charged.  But one can hope, can't one.

In a related story, Bonnie and Clyde, two of America's most successful entrepreneurs admitted they robbed banks.  The pair said they hoped that he fact that they made a lot of money, contributed heavily to Conservative causes and only killed a few people would not cause negative feelings about them, or in any way suggest they should be put in jail.

When asked why they robbed banks Bonnie said they thought about become investment advisers or starting a hedge fund, but realized that they just were not that desperate for money, or willing to compromise what little integrity they possessed.

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