Friday, March 29, 2013

Former Idaho Senator Larry Craig Wants to Use Campaign Funds in His Defense

Defense of Criminal Charges Of Course

When he was still a United States Senator from Idaho, Republican Larry Craig was arrested in the state of Minnesota and charged with criminal sexual misconduct, the details of which we will skip over in deference to everyone’s sensibilities.  Mr. Craig’s legal issues with respect to the charge have been settled.

The Idaho Republican was arrested by an undercover police officer conducting a sting operation against men cruising for sex at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. An undercover officer said Craig tapped his feet and signaled under a stall divider that he wanted sex. Craig pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct and paid a fine. After his arrest later became public, he tried unsuccessfully to reverse his conviction.

But getting a first class criminal defense act together is expensive stuff.  So the Senator decided to use some cash that was on hand.


Former Senator Craig - Aghast That He Cannot Use $200,000 in Campaign Funds to Fight
Charges of Sexual Misconduct - What's the World Coming To?

Craig contends that the airport bathroom trip fell under his official, duties as senator because he was traveling between Idaho and Washington for work, and therefore the legal fees could be paid for with campaign money. 

A Federal judge is skeptical

Jackson pointedly reminded Craig's lawyer, Andrew D. Herman, of his client's guilty plea.

"That had no connection to his duties, other than being in an airport," she said.

Jackson pointed out a letter Craig's lawyers wrote to the Senate Ethics Committee in 2007 describing Craig's arrest and conviction as "purely personal conduct unrelated to the performance of official Senate duties."

And everyone hopes that she will indeed rule against Mr. Craig.  But it is interesting to contemplate the solicitation of  campaign funds by people like Mr. Craig.  Here’s what it might have looked like.

Hey Republicans and supporters of family values.  Donate campaign funds to Senator Larry Craig and you too can be a part of his defense against criminal charges.  That’s right, Senator Craig needs your money and your help so he can stay out of jail and fight the long, lonely battles against Democrats, liberals, do-gooders, and other morally degenerate people on behalf of the decency that Larry has always held.  Larry doesn’t think he will get caught, but if he does he needs campaign contributions to bail him out so he can continue to vote against health care for low income people, halt protection for workers, fight pollution controls and the rest of the anti-millionaire agenda.

Yeah, probably something like that.

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