Monday, March 18, 2013

Harvard Law School Grad, U. S. Senator and Extreme Conservative Ted Cruz Doesn’t Know the Constitution

Harvard Must Be So Embarrassed – the Rest of Us Sure Are

Last week saw everyone upset because newly minted Texas Senator Ted Cruz was abusive to Sen. Diane Feinstein of California.  Sen. Feinstein had the temerity to introduce and supports legislation which banned assault rifles.  Mr. Cruz opposed this, as is his right, but his opposition was grounded in Constitutional law.  Mr. Cruz castigated Sen. Feinstein about not understanding that the Constitution was absolute in allowing every conceivable weapon to be owned by the public.

In his mind, the Bill of Rights allows no regulation by Congress.  But such a belief is so contradicted by over 200 years of law that one wonders if Mr. Cruz has ever set foot in a law school, practiced law or has any idea of what the history of  Constitutional law is.  Apparently Mr. Cruz thinks the Constitutional right to free speech cannot be limited by Congress.  But a person cannot commit perjury and claim immunity under the free speech doctrine, nor can a person engage in libel or slander, or cry ‘fire’ in a crowded theater.  Really, it’s in all the law books.

Or apparently Mr. Cruz thinks that Freedom of Religion cannot be regulated by Congress.  But that freedom does not mean using illegal drugs in religious ceremonies, engaging in polygamy or sacrificing virgins (of either gender).  Does Mr. Cruz have no idea of any of this?

Every item in the Bill of Rights is subject to regulation, no freedom is absolute.  But Mr. Cruz must have been absent from law school the years they went over those concepts.  So how ashamed must Harvard be of its grad who is now in the U. S. Senate?

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