Friday, March 1, 2013

The Height of Elitism – Supreme Court Justices Think the American Public is Too Stupid to Understand how the Supreme Court Works

Actually, Read Some Opinions and Then Everyone Can See Who is Stupid

Video presentation of oral arguments before the Supreme Court have been proposed, and have been rejected by the Court.  It is easy to see why, the Justices often engage in questions and conversations which would be embarrassing to them.  And then there is Justice Thomas who just sits there.

Now several newer members of the Court, Justices who were previously in favor of televising the oral arguments have changed their minds.

Justice Sonia Sotomayor, populist, revealed a paternalistic streak this month, announcing that she had rethought her enthusiasm for video coverage of Supreme Court arguments.

The reason the Justice changed is quite revealing,

“I don’t think most viewers take the time to actually delve into either the briefs or the legal arguments to appreciate what the court is doing,” she said. “They speculate about, oh, the judge favors this point rather than that point. Very few of them understand what the process is, which is to play devil’s advocate.”

And another Justice joins her.

The court’s newest member, Justice Elena Kagan, has also done an about-face. At her confirmation hearings in 2010, she said video coverage “would be a great thing for the institution, and more important, I think it would be a great thing for the American people.” Two years later, she said she now had “a few worries, including that people might play to the camera” and that the footage could be misused.

Now arrogance is an intangible item, but one can almost see and touch and feel the arrogance that is dripping from the mouths of these Justices and the other members of the Court who feel Americans are just to dumb, just too stupid and just to ignorant to understand what the great and mighty Supreme Court does.

Here’s a hint Justices, it’s called Democracy.  Really, think about it.  The American people understand it, why don’t you?

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