Sunday, March 31, 2013

Mitt Romney – Back to Being Just One of the Guys

One of the Guys with $250 Million of Course

Former Presidential candidate Mitt Romney just doesn’t know when to keep quiet.  The candidate of high wealth wants everyone to think he really is just a regular guy leading a regular life.

Mitt Romney: Good to be ‘normal’ again

By KEVIN CIRILLI | 3/28/13 7:11 AM EDT
Mitt Romney isn’t missing the campaign trail, saying that “it’s good to live a normal life again.”

. . .
“But I have to admit, being able to go back to our own life and going to the grocery store and shopping on my own is kind of nice to be by myself without a bunch of people hanging around with me,” Romney added. “I like the life of being an American citizen. It’s good to live a normal life again.”

Mitt just doesn’t understand, people do not resent his wealth, but they do resent his attempts to act like he is just another regular person.  Or maybe Mitt thinks everyone has an underground garage in their homes to hold a fleet of cars that are brought up on elevators.  He might, after all that’s what all his friends have.

Go away Mitt, just go away and enjoy your massive wealth.  But if you really want to live like the rest of us, give away your money to charity and keep enough for a $50,000 a year income, that’s what the average family lives on these days.  Oh, you don’t want to do that.  We didn’t think so.

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