Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Desperate Democrats in Kentucky Looking to Actor Ashley Judd for Salvation – And Apparently Ms. Judd is Looking Back

Note to Democrats:  If You Cannot Field Qualified Candidates You Cannot Win Elections

Only Republicans Can Do That

The weakness in the Democratic party is masked by the fact that the President is a Democrat and that the Senate temporarily has more Democrats than Republicans. (This does not mean control of the Senate as 60 votes are required to pass legislation, it just means blame for failure).  At the state level the Democrats are suffering from a lack of party organization and qualified candidates, and so the Governorships in many key states, where the fortunes of a political party are made, are mostly controlled by Republicans.


Judd Tells Advisers She's Running

Ashley Judd (D) has told key advisers that she is planning to announce her candidacy for U.S. Senate against Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY), the Huffington Post reports.

"Judd told one close ally that she plans to announce her run for the Democratic nomination for the 2014 race 'around Derby' -- meaning in early May when the Kentucky Derby brings national attention to Louisville and the Bluegrass State."


The problem for Democrats is most vividly illustrated in the fact that the party is considering the actor Ashley Judd as a serious candidate for the Senate in Kentucky.  Never mind that Ms. Judd is not a real resident of the state, that she has held no previous political office or that she has demonstrated absolutely no characteristics that would make her a viable Senate candidate.  The reason she is considering running,  egotism on her part, the reason Democrats would consider her a serious candidate, desperation on the part of the Democrats.

Now Ms. Judd could actually be a viable candidate.  But that would require traipsing around the sparsely populated areas of Kentucky, visiting people like Raylan and the folks that live around him and actually understanding the people of the state and their problems.  She would have to start now, do a lot of listening, eat a lot of bad dinners and work just about non-stop to be even thought to have a chance.  But that requires hard, gritty work, not something we expect from Ms. Judd or any other actor.

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