Thursday, August 10, 2017

Why the Stock Market Ignores Trumpie and Other Observations

Insight Into the Rational World

Here’s the scoop.

1.      The stock market should have plummeted when Trump gave out his threat of nuclear war against North Korea.  It didn’t.  Why not?  No one takes Trump seriously, no one believes what he says, and other than news organizations which have to fill space no one seems to care.

2.      A pre-dawn FBI raid on Paul Manafort, ex Trump campaign head should make some people named Trump very nervous. 

3.      After saying the Senate would stay in session for at least the first two weeks of August Senate Leader Mitch McConnell sent them crawling  home after a week.  Mitch himself slunk out of D. C. with his prehensile tail between his legs.  Then like a true stalwart he blamed everyone else for his problems, like Trump.

4.      House Speaker Paul Ryan is a quick learner and hence that is the reason he is keeping his mouth closed. 

5.      Another entry in the “How Low Can You Go” contest the Republicans appear to have Sen. Ron Johnson (R, Wi) blamed John McCain’s no vote on health care on McCain’s brain cancer.  Good Grief!

6.      Democrats are leading in the polls and will continue to do so until they have to nominate actual candidates and run races.

7.      In Alabama’s special senate race Trump has endorsed Sen. Strange (no we are not making up that name) in the Republican primary.  If Strange finishes third and out of the money expect Trump to argue that without his endorsement Strange would have finished fourth in a three person race.

8.      Rachel Maddow came back from vacation and the layoff did not hinder her ability to take an interesting story and make it boring.

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