Friday, August 11, 2017

Lindsey Graham is Betting the Farm on Nuclear War

Lindsey Needs to Do the Same Thing Donnie Needs to Do - Shut Up

Here from Taegan Goddard's wonder political forum is some really scary reporting.

Graham Says Trump Is Willing to Strike North Korea

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) told radio host Hugh Hewitt that while President Trump said he would try to negotiate with North Korea, he is very “willing to abandon strategic patience and use preemption. I think he’s there mentally. He has told me this.”
Said Graham: “I wish a Democrat would take their hatred of Donald Trump and park it…because of everyone else’s failure, he’s run out of the ability to kick the can down the road.”

Now the problem of this is that if this is strategy to make North Korea reconsider its threatening talk, this could backfire badly.  One assumes that Graham with the connivance of the White House went to a Trump friendly media midget to say things that they expect would make the North Koreans back down on their threats. And that might work.
But it might not.  If North Korea interprets this and other incendiary talk as meaning the U. S. will conduct a pre-emptive strike against the North Koreans then they may well react by making their own unprovoked attack.  This would lead to an all out assault on the NK's as well it should, but the result would be casualties in the hundreds of thousand, or more likely in the millions.  It's a high stakes bet, and maybe, just maybe too high stakes for Graham and Trump to play the game.  The loss of life will not be their's but if there is a holocaust they will be condemned by history and morality for all eternity.

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