Tuesday, August 8, 2017

McConnell Blames Democrats For Every Bad Thing That Ever Happened in the Last 10,000 Years

“It’s Their Fault Because They Allowed Us to Take Control of Government” He Did Not Say

Senate leader Mitch McConnell has decided that his strategy on the health care debacle was great and that it was just Democrats who caused it to fail.  “Refusing to take any blame or responsibility is what Paul Ryan and I do.  It's hard to deny health care to tens of millions by ourselves” he told the Press or would have if he could have.  So here is some insight into his other thinking that has not occurred yet.

Washington (Fake NN)  Senate leader Mitch McConnell today not only blasted Democrats for refusing to vote to repeal their party’s monumental accomplishment on health care now beloved by a majority of the population, he also went on to fault Dems for a variety of other things.

“I want everybody to notice that the Democratic party did not nominate a single Republican in the last election. None.  Zero.  They filled their candidate roster with al Democrats.  How can anyone expect us to do our job to dismantle Democratic achievements that the public supports if no Democrats are on board” he said in a news conference that did not occur. 

McConnell went on to say the Democrats were responsible for the sinking of the Maine that caused the Spanish American War, the rise of Hitler, the Johnstown Flood, the tsunami that recently struck Japan and the failure of United Airlines to have non-stop service from D. C. to Hazzard county Kentucky.  

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