Thursday, August 17, 2017

Trump on World War II: Both Sides, Nazis and Americans, Were Responsible for the Violence

Donnie:  There Were a Lot of  Bad People on the American Side Too

From Real Fake News:  The following is a statement by Donnie Trump on the blame for people for violence in World War II.

Look, nobody knows more about the history of World War II than I do.  And let me tell you what the historians and left wingers won’t tell you, that there were bad people, really bad people on both sides.  And a lot of those who were called Nazis were just patriots trying to preserve their culture and they were mightily provoked. 

Yes I know six million Jews were murdered and a lot of other people like gypsies, gays and eastern Europeans were also killed.  But no one focuses on the people the Nazis didn’t kill.  Millions, I mean millions of civilians were not killed by the Nazis and believe me, they could have been.  Those Nazis showed great restraint and nobody in the fake news is reporting that.

I saw the movie The Dirty Dozen.  Those people were criminals, murderers and rapists and they were fighting for America.  But nobody says that they were bad people, you won’t hear anybody but Donald Trump saying that the Dirty Dozen were just as bad as the Nazis.  And those Dirty Dozen killed a lot more people. Rent the movie.

The Nazis weren’t the aggressors all the time.  In World War II the Americans and their allies first invaded North Africa, then Sicily.  Not content the left wingers lead by Franklin Rosenfeld marched into Italy.  And finally with no provocation at all a bunch of Americans, many of them from immigrant families boated across the English Channel and attacked France.  But nobody but Donald Trump will talk about that.  

Now I know WWII was a great victory.  And let me point out, because no one else will because they are afraid to, that the victory in WWII was done with a segregated army and navy.  And that after Truman, a Democrat you know, ended segregation in the army and we stopped winning. We didn’t win in Korea, we didn’t win in Vietnam even though I served, we didn’t win in Iraq and we aren’t winning in Afghanistan.  We let blacks, and women and Hispanics and gays, and now if you believe this, trans, in the armed forces and we are no longer winning.  Just saying.

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