Friday, August 18, 2017

Texas Declines to Pass North Carolina Style Bathroom Bill

How Bad is That Policy When Even Texas Will Not Adopt It

When North Carolina enacted a bathroom bill that was extremely mean and discriminatory and vicious against the Trans community the backlash was huge.  Ultimately the state backed down under pressure from the business community and the people who had at least minimal moral standards. But conservatives hate anyone associated with LBGT and so Texas took up the challenge.

Surprisingly Texas has backed down.

A bill that would have regulated bathroom use for transgender people died in the Texas legislature Tuesday, as a 29-day special session came to a close without addressing many of Republican Gov. Greg Abbott’s legislative priorities.

The bill’s demise capped months of heated debate over the issue and exposed deep divisions between the socially conservative wing of the state Republican party and more centrist, business-minded members of the GOP concerned with potential economic blow-back.

It was the second time conservative lawmakers attempted and failed to pass a bill requiring people to use some public bathrooms based on their birth sex. An array of major corporations in Texas had lined up against such legislation.
In May, Texas lawmakers did not pass a previous version of the bill, which mirrored a controversial North Carolina law targeting transgender people.

The fact that Texas will not go down this path shows just how radical the North Carolina law was.  About the only person still in denial is former NC Gov. Pat McCrory who still thinks a bill is necessary.  And even worse for McCrory he can no longer hope to be the bathroom czar in Texas.

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