Sunday, August 6, 2017

Is Ohio Gov. John Kasich The Most Delusional Person on the Planet?

At Least in the Top 10

The NYT has a story about people who would like to challenge Donnie in 2020.  Now that is not news, what is news is that those people are Republicans.  And one of the potential challengers is a man who ran in 2016, John Kasich.

Mr. Kasich has been more defiant: The Ohio governor, who ran unsuccessfully in 2016, has declined to rule out a 2020 campaign in multiple television interviews, and has indicated to associates that he may run again, even if Mr. Trump seeks another term.

Kasich did not do well in 2016.  He won only one state and no major Republicans, not a single one thought he should have won the nomination.  The thought in his head that he should run in 2020 shows just how horrible a disease of Presidentialitis he has. He is living in an alternate universe.  While he claims to be happily married he is divorced from reality.  He needs help.

Gosh he looks normal,but looks can be deceiving can't they

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

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