Sunday, August 27, 2017

Profile in Cowardice - Trumpie Pardons Joe Arpaio Late Friday

What a Pussy

It is standard practice for politicians and office holders who want to do an unpopular thing is to do it late on a Friday.  News reporting is lax on the weekend and the hope is that by Monday another topic has replaced the ugly news.

So the Coward-in-Chief has pardoned a sheriff in Arizona who blatantly broke the law.

"President Donald Trump on Friday pardoned former Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a controversial anti-immigration figure, who had been convicted of federal contempt of court.

The White House cited a lifetime of public service in announcing the pardon for Arpaio, who served for over two decades as a sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona prior losing his reelection bid last November. The defeat at the time was considered a significant victory for immigration rights advocates."

Trump could have done this during his Tuesday rally in Phoenix.  But that would have meant facing the critics, so Donnie ran and hid.  And notice the conveniently the hurricane in Texas is around to overwhelm the news that Trump thinks a law enforcement officer who refused to obey court orders should be pardoned.  Trumpie, not the kinda guy you want next to you in the foxhole.

UPDATE:  Late Friday Trumpster also issued his ban on Transgender individual joining the armed services.  Wanting to hide it in the hurricane news, and he was successful.  Even more cowardly, he left the decision to someone else to determine if existing Trans could stay in the armed services.

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