Wednesday, August 2, 2017

HHS Sec. Tom Price – Once a Political Hack –

Always a Political Hack

After the Republican plan to destroy health care insurance and health care for millions of Americans failed, again, the administration since Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price out to argue for the GOP plans to kill ACA.  Price is a former Georgia congressman who despite being a physician knows and cares little about health care and insurance and the economics of the system.

But he does know politics and ideology.  On the Sunday morning talk shows he gave the same old tired argument that ACA was failing and that something, anything, had to be done.  When repeatedly asked if he would work to shore up the weak parts of the system his only answer was that the would follow the law. So we know Sec. Price is a law abiding citizen, just like the rest of us.

What was striking was the total lack of defense of any Republican proposal.  Just criticism, no supporting suggestions.  At the end of the day it appears that Price is either lacking knowledge of how health care works or is just so embarrassed by what Republicans want to do that he cannot stand to defend it.  Or maybe both.

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